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My name is Eldon Asp, and I am the maker behind La Rue Custom Leather. I first learned leathercraft as a child in my dad’s saddle shop in northern British Columbia. When I moved to Los Angeles for college, I picked up the tools again, first as a hobby and then as a business creating custom pieces for friends, costume designers, fashion boutiques and a few celebrities. Now I’m back in BC and producing wallets, belts, key holders and other functional goods along with custom creations and occasional art pieces.

My work is heavily influenced by the hardwearing horse tack I grew up seeing my dad make and use, translated into functional goods for everyday urban utility. In my designs, I aim for a balance of rugged and refined, to bring a bit of the spirit of the ranch to the street. I make everything by hand using traditional tools and techniques, and the finest vegtanned leathers sustainably produced by North America’s oldest tanneries.